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Stand Together and Fight – JJBA: Eyes of Heaven Tokyo Game Show 2015 Trailer Released


True combat is 80% posing

Stand up and be proud fellow JoJo Bizarre Adventurers because the series that spirals ever further down the rabbit hole of insanity is bringing out yet another opportunity for you to take up the mantle of these crazy characters…and beat each other into the ground with them.

Heading to the PS3 and PS4, Eyes of Heaven throws you headfirst into battle bot canon and non, as you choose between familiar faces from any number o parts from the JoJo mythos. Max eight…there’s only eight parts. Fan of Jonathan Joestar? Throw down some Sunlight Yellow Overdrives. More of a Caesar fan? Pop some villainous bubble with your own more painful heroic bubbles. Fancy yourself a Speedwagon supporter? Why? I guess he’s got a hammer…and eventually wealth…I think he stole Will’s hat though, that was weird. Oh well, to each their combative own.

Not much else to say on the subject really. Gameplay got shown, which is always a nice touch for convention trailers. There appears to be more of a connection between the fighters, with a new dual strike attack dealing out the hurt. That looks cool. Also Iggy was there…that was nice.


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