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Stand By for Dragon Ball Z – Extreme Butoden Announced for Australia and New Zealand


Rock the Dragon, on the go

If a new anime series wasn’t enough for you, it would seem that a new Dragon Ball game is on the horizon. Well, new for us in Australia and New Zealand at least, Japan has had it for a while now. Licencing aside, get ready for Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden.

Developed by Arc System Works, Butoden present the latest instalment in the overarching franchise that is DBZ fighting games.  That being said, not all (or any) of these previous entries were designed for the Nintendo 3DS. Butoden however, is. So yeah, happy news if your carrying a 3DS and a need to punch Frieza in the face. The playable character roster rounds of at 20, whilst the support cast runs up over 100. So chances are you’ll see your favourites take to the dual screen.

On this ANZ release, Herve Hoerdt (Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe Vice President of Marketing & Digital) said:

“Following the success of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, we wanted to keep on bringing awesomeness to our fans and make them as happy as ever. Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe is listening to fans and will keep on surprising them over the next few years! In the meantime, everybody will enjoy a high quality fighting-game based on one of the most emblematic Anime & Manga ever created!”

Nice to know that fans have some level of say when it comes to game releases. Of course, money speaks louder than petitions, so I’m pretty sure the profits of DBZ might have had a little something to do with it. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers, so I’m just going to sit back, wait until October 15th and look forward to doling out some punishment to some DBZ villains. Man is that Cell a pompous jerk.


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