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Square Enix Releases The Very First Full Trailer For Final Fantasy VII Remake


The newly announced remake of Final Fantasy VII is probably one of the most anticipated RPG releases of contemporary times. While many of us have been holding out for Final Fantasy XV for what seems like years, I feel as though it’s VII that we’ve all secretly hoped would make it’s return first. While that may not actually be the case, the closest thing to a full release is the release of a trailer which gives us a glimpse at the Nirvana we long to reach. Square Enix dropped a bomb at the PlayStation Experience keynote over this past weekend; they released the very first full trailer for the Final Fantasy VII remake that not only shows off just how damn good this game is going to look but also how it is going to play, which may actually prove to be quite a divisive addition to this rerelease.

You’ll notice, after watching through the new trailer, that Final Fantasy VII will no longer be played like a turn-based RPG. Square Enix have gone the route of another much-loved title Crisis Core and made the upcoming game a hack ‘n slash-style title with heavy RPG elements. Let’s be entirely honest; this is going to split the fanbase in twine. Those of you out there, like me, who never got the chance to play the original but are extremely excited to sink their teeth into one of the most popular Final Fantasy titles of all time are probably quite excited for the game as a whole, gameplay aside. Those of you out there who indeed played the original game and were hoping for a direct remake may be a little annoyed at the huge departure from the way it was originally played. Regardless of where you stand though, I think it’s still pretty damn obvious that this game is going to be a worthwhile remake.

As of right now, Square Enix havn’t said much regarding a release window. Only that it should be hitting shelves sometime in the next year or so, but we know what Square Enix are like…our kids may be waiting for the release of Final Fantasy VII long after our deaths. That is, if it walks the same road as Final Fantasy XV. The great thing is; we’ve got ourselves a trailer, so we might as well enjoy it!



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