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Square Enix Announces “Theatrhythm Dragon Quest”


For every good video game, there’s an equally as enjoyable soundtrack. This is something I’ve believed for the entirety of my career as a critic and it’s not a mindset I’ll be dumping anytime soon. Any game that lacks good musical style is a game not worth playing in my opinion and I think it’s safe to say that Square Enix has this aspect of video game making mastered. “Final Fantasy” games almost always feature a booming orchestral sound that fits the “high fantasy” style of story that has been around for countless years but it’s not just “FF” that features the good stuff. Oh no!

If you’ve played any game from the “Dragon Quest” series you’d understand that each and every Square Enix game is done to the highest calibre and that always includes a damn good soundtrack that fits like a surgical glove. While a little different from the tracks heard in “FF” games, “Dragon Quest” titles feature lovely songs that will now be compiled and made playable thanks to the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game “Theatrhythm Dragon Quest”. Now I’m going to give you, the reader, the benefit of the doubt and say that you know what “Theatrhythm Final Fantasy” is. Heck! We did a review for the latest release of which you can check out by Clicking Here.

Well it’s now time for another Square Enix franchise to be given the rhythm game treatment and this time around it just so happens to be “Dragon Quest”. No other information is given on the game rather than that it exists and will be released some time next year in Japan. It WILL feature at Jump Fest later on this month and there WILL be a trailer for it but, as of right now, we don’t have any of that stuff so I suppose you’ll just have to wait until they’re released. In the meantime, why not check out the official site: Click Here


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