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Spring 2015 Anime Season Watch Guide


With the Spring 2015 anime season just kicking off, we will be taking a look through the best and worst series set to premiere this season. We will be detailing which series you should watch, which series you should consider and which series you should avoid by all means necessary. So without further adieu, here is SnapThirty’s handy Spring 2015 anime season watch guide.


These are the series that look to be the cream of the crop, these are the series that you must watch:

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma (J.C. Staff, April 3rd)

food-wars-posterWe’ve had anime about cooking before, but nothing quite like Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma.

Based upon the Shonen Jump series of the same name, Food Wars takes cooking to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure levels of over-the-top insanity.

In traditional Shonen Jump style, Soma Yukihira dreams of being the greatest cook ever and in order to do that he must surpass his father who is pretty much the raddest cook in the world.

With the perfect mix of exciting cooking scenes and delightfully playful fan-service, Food Wars marries genres to great success.

Whether you love cooking, fan-service or straight up shonen, Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma has the perfect ingredients to satisfy your hunger for quality anime.

Seraph of the End (WIT Studio, April 4th)

seraph-of-the-end-posterFrom the people behind Attack on Titan come Seraph of the End, a brooding exploration of the post-apocalyptic world of vampires.

Readers of VIZ Media’s Weekly Shonen Jump App are surely familiar with this series which has ran many chapters in the digital magazine.

The series takes place in a world where humans accidentally engineered a virus that gave rise to vampiric beings which brought about the apocalypse. Now if that isn’t a damn cool hook for an anime series I don’t know what is.

With WIT Studio handling production I for one am expecting nothing short of greatness here.

If this is anything like their work on Attack on Titan we may very well have the next big thing in the anime world.

Blood Blockade Battlefront (BONES, April 4th)

blood-blockade-battlefront-posterAfter a string of excellent anime series it is hard to imagine that BONES can do any wrong at this point and with an intriguing source material such as the manga Blood Blockade Battlefront, it looks like we have another must watch anime series here.

Let’s take a look at the source material though because that is where I feel Blood Blockade Battlefront will catch most readers interest. The series focuses on a post-apocalyptic world (I’m beginning to see a trend here) but takes place in the remains of New York City, now redubbed Jerusalem’s Lot. Essentially humanity is trapped here by a mysterious alien force and there are a few heroes that are fighting back. Once again we have quite an intriguing hook for a series and with the critical acclaim of the manga one can only expect for something special here.

Now while the source material itself seems great, I’m sold on another BONES series simply because its a BONES series. This is a must watch especially if you’re a BONES fan.

Lupin the Third (TMS, April 2015)

While no official date has been locked in here it is hard not to be excited to see Lupin and his criminal cohorts up to no good again. These characters are legendary for a reason and to see them adventuring once more is no doubt going to be a joy. Continuing the rebooted path set by 2012’s ‘The Woman Called Mine Fujiko‘ we can expect the same excellent quality of that series to carry over here.

The series will apparently take Lupin and company to Italy for an epic heist. Furthermore this will mark the first time Lupin has ever worn a blue-jacket which is of course of paramount importance to Lupin fans. But what really matters most is that Lupin the Third is back and it doesn’t look like his insatiable love for adventure and the occasional bouts of danger has left him. This is going to be one hell of a ride.

Unfortunately there is no trailer for this one yet but we do have quite a teaser of key art for the series. Also worth noting is that the series will premiere in Italy before it does in Japan which I believe is unprecedented in anime history. What more must be said? Lupin is back, baby!



These are the series that look like they could be worth considering watching, they may not be obvious standouts but there is a chance they could be something special:

Ninja Slayer From Animation (Trigger, April 16th)

Ninja-slayer-from-animation-1Whether you should watch this one or not comes own to one simple thing: Do you like Studio Trigger or not? For me personally Trigger’s work has been largely hit and miss and pales in comparison to the feeling of GAINAX greats of past which Trigger so desperately aims to recapture.

Ninja Slayer From Animation does look to be standard fare for Trigger, going for a bombastic colour explosion and calling it animation, mixed with a rather hackneyed plot that seems to be trying to be crazy for the sake of it.

Now while Trigger are largely hit or miss, sometimes more on the miss side even, Ninja Slayer From Animation does look like it could be a bit of fun so it may be worth a look in, even if its just for an episode or two.

Digimon Adventure Tri (Toei Animation, April 2015)

digimon-tri-posterIt’s freaking Digimon. To me as a guy who grew up loving Digimon, this series feels like a bit of a homecoming for me. I’m sure that many other Digimon fans feel the same way.

Now while it’s all well and goo that Digimon is back and we all love Digimon and what not, there are a few warning bells ringing for me here. In particular Toei Animation’s terrible track record in recent memory with absolutely disaster productions like Majin Bone and the baffling Tribe Cool Crew. On top of that they haven’t locked in an official premiere date yet for the series which is always worrying. But it’s Digimon, surely they can’t do Digimon wrong right? Especially with the man behind the gorgeous Tsuritama on board, I expect something real special here.

I’ll keep a watchful eye on this one and avoid looking at it through rose-tinted glasses but I can’t help but feel excited to head back to that place where we once shared an adventure of a lifetime, the Digital World.

Rin-ne (Brain’s Base, April 4th)

rin-neRumiko Takahashi is one of the most legendary mangaka in the history of the medium. With works such as Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura to her name, she has forged a legacy that few mangaka could ever dream to replicate and now her latest series Rin-ne is getting the anime treatment that so many of her series have in the past.

The series follows a young Shinigami by the name of Rinne who must assist spirits in passing over to the otherside through the help of his reincarnation wheel which decides their fate. It’s a rather familiar premise for many anime viewers but with Takahashi having penned the source material it undoubtedly would be an interesting take on the concept. I’d hazard readers to consider watching this based on Takahashi’s legacy alone but with a rather routine scenario it may not be fresh enough for some to warrant a viewing.

Arslan Senki (Liden Films, April 5th)

arslan-legendThis is one series that has all the right credentials to be something incredible. The only thing that it has working against it is a terrible studio with a track record and short as it is bad. Just about everything Liden Films has produced thus far has been a disappointing shambles, most notably the disastrous production of Terra Formars utterly ruining what is in fact a brilliant manga series.

Now while Liden Films producing the series is concerning, the fact that it is an adaptation of Hiromu Arakawa of Fullmetal Alchemist fame’s manga adaptation of the ‘Legend of Arslan’ is rather promising. But as we know now when it comes to Liden Films, great source material doesn’t stop a studio from turning it into a bad anime. Here’s hoping that isn’t the case and we wind up getting a ripper of a fantasy anime.



These are the series that look just plain bad and you’d be best served by avoiding them at all costs:

punchline-1Punchline (MAPPA, April 9th)

So if this is a joke, where is the punchline? At this point I’m beginning to wonder if noitaminA, the anime block that produced so many classic series of the years, is on its last legs. Because if this anime is the punchline, then man this joke just isn’t funny.

Punchline literally revolves around the concept that if the main character sees panties the world will end.

This is as bottom of the barrel as it has ever gotten for noitaminA as an adult anime block and I for one have just about lost all hope that it can ever come back from this.

What a damn shame this is.

dungeon-anime-1Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? (MAPPA, April 9th)

The name honestly says it all. Absolutely half-assed bottom of the barrel ecchi series based upon a light novel.

I’d say that I’d avoid it like the plague but that would be too harsh on the plague.

This looks to be a genuine waste of time for both the viewers and the people making this crock.

It’s an absolute affront to viewers intelligence and a travesty upon the great art form that is anime.

Avoid, avoid and once more for clarity – AVOID!


Did we miss an anime you are looking forward to for Spring 2015? If so let us know what you are looking forward to watching in the comments section below. Do you agree with our watch guide? Let us know!


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  1. Well.. I still don’t know what to say about Punchline, let’s live it as it is for now, but… AVOID “Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon”???!!!!!! OH COME OOON! Here is a piece of advice: Don’t judge anime by it’s review only. Just 2 episodes have been aired for now and this anime is already at the top of my favourite anime list. You can hate this anime but please don’t make other people hate it too just because you do…

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