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So They’re Actually Sending A Replica “Spear Of Longinus” To The Moon


I’m not going to beat around the bush here, reader: This is ridiculous. You know what “Neon Genesis Evangelion” is right? Surely! It’s a psychologically jarring story about gargantuan non-robots fighting even more gargantuan non-aliens that you either love or hate. Usually you’ll find that “Neon Genesis Evangelion” fans aren’t in the middle about what they think of the series. The series has a huge and very much obvious audience divide with some fighting tooth and nail that it is the greatest series of all time and others doing a same but making the opposite point. Regardless of what side you’re on…this news is insane. In fact, this news is so insane I almost didn’t bother writing about it due to doubts of it’s legitimacy but seeing as many other publications have now begun promoting the crowdfunding campaign I can’t help but believe this is entirely real.

Allow me to fill you in: We, Earth, are sending a replica “Spear Of Longinus” from the long-running sci-fi series to the Moon. Yes. There is a huge team of people somewhere on this Earth preparing to send a world-ending spear (in the Anime) to the actual Moon. That big white thing in the sky that regulates tides and makes us trust the night time a little more. Rather than focusing time and money on making another “Rebuild Of Evangelion” film, it seems as though the powers at be have bigger goals in their sites. An actual crowdfunding campaign has just been opened up to raise 100 million yen to send this weapon to the moon and at only a couple of days in it’s already reached over 30 million which means people are actually donating to the project…once again, the project that if successful will send a huge metallic spear to the Moon.


Here’s what’s even more insane…the spear isn’t even that big. No it’s not a 1:1 scale replica, that would be far too enormous of an item to do anything with. It’s not a 1:2 scale replica…still far too big to work with. It’s not even a 1:5 scale replica. It is, in fact, no longer than the size of a standard ruler. At a tiny 240mm long (around 9 inches) and weighing 30 gram, a sportsman with a very good arm could land this thing on the Moon but instead the team behind the project have decided to go all out with the preparations. The campaign will remain open until the 5th of April but, judging by how much money has already been raised, I don’t think it will even need to stay open until that date.

Plans are that, if everything goes well, the spear will be launched up to space on an American rocket sometime by the end of the year or at the very start of next year. As ludicrous as this all is, it WOULD be kind of cool to have a piece of Anime memorabilia on the moon but they could have at least tried to make it a bit bigger…it’s not like anyone will be seeing it from Earth. Who knows? Maybe this team of intelligent people (“Project to Pierce the Moon With the Spear of Longinus Committee”) are actually trying to recreate one of the many world-devastating impacts from the series. I pray to the Gods that’s not the case though.


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