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SnapThirty Presents: Two Idiots Play “Digimon World”

Hey, everybody! Remember all those video games you would go to your friends places to play back when you were a little younger? Yeah, all those games that you didn’t have but you knew someone else did so you’d go and hang out with them just to get the chance to have a go? Well, seeing as I didn’t have a PlayStation One as a kid, the game that kept me going over to my next door neighbours house was none other than the original “Digimon World”.

I was never as lucky as my fellow writer Kane Bugeja, he had a PlayStation One AND “Digimon World” but back then the only way he could have gotten through it is by using cheats. Many years after the game was first released, Kane and I decided we’d do a little something special in celebration of the upcoming “Digimon Adventure Tri” Anime series which is set to air this year; we took a trip back in time to play “Digimon World” as adults and, without giving too much away…it was something spectacular!

Follow Kane and I as we spend an hour trying to figure out the game we couldn’t understand as children while we watch our digital pal slowly fall into the darkness of oblivion. This is “Two Idiots Play Digimon World”. Watch and enjoy!



  1. Virtua King says

    This was unquestionably a traumatic video game for children wanting to get into digimon. I will never forget the horrors…

  2. Lawrence says

    You had to talk to Punimon in Jijimon’s house to rest and replenish part of the MPs!
    In this game it’s crucial to talk to all characters and understand what are they saying, it’s not a title where you can fool around. At least, not at the very beginning, as you beat digimon and File City grows, the game becomes easier.

    • Frank Inglese says

      That would have been VERY helpful to know while playing! :D

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