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SnapThirty Presents: A Call To Arms – Help Us Build A Better Future For The Site

Hi there, everybody!

We at SnapThirty have just begun a new fundraising campaign where you can sign up to automatically donate a small amount of money (as little as $1) each month to help us fund the site.

As of right now we’re only making a small bit of money off of advertisements but it isn’t quite enough to keep us afloat. The aim of this campaign is to raise enough money to purchase things like new equipment and to pay off site-hosting fees.

If each of you can at least donate one dollar a month, that will set us up on a slow but eventually fruitful path to bringing you all the very best podcasts, videos, news articles, reviews and everything else that we do here on the site.

What we have is a truck load of passion but unfortunately passion is not enough on its own to keep us going so if you can please donate even the smallest amount. Anything you give WILL go to developing our the site and everything it produces.

You can become a Patreon backer by heading here:

Or you can make a simple, one-off donation by heading here:

Thank you so much for taking the time.

All our love and respect – The SnapThirty Team


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