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SnapThirty Crowns Toughest Lady In Japanese Pop Culture

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For years, pop culture fanatics have been at war with each other. Countless relationships have been ruined over talks of who is best this and who is best that. For example: While some of us tend to think Persona 4’s Chie is Best Girl, others may believe it is Sword Art Online’s Asuna. The problem with this ongoing debate is that it is one fought entirely on a biased foundation, meaning that there can never be a proper resolution. This conflict is one that seems as though it is never going to end, but us here at SnapThirty want you all to know that we will be the ones to bring peace back into the pop culture world…one character at a time.

On episode 43 of the SnapThirty podcast, the boys decided that they were going to run a series of tournament brackets to decide once and for all who from Japanese pop culture truly are the best of the best. While Best Girl is indeed the most sought after title in all of history, we’ve decided to start small and build up to what will eventually be the title to end all titles.

In the very first instalment of this new Podcast/Article series, SnapThirty decide once and for all which character from Japanese Pop Culture as a whole is…Best Dog. For the full bracket discussion, make sure to listen in to the latest episode of the SnapThirty podcast Lost In Mistranslation which you can get to by Clicking Here.

Within the celebratory 50th episode of the podcast, the crew decided to host a Battle Bracket that would push them to their absolute limits, and while this wasn’t the one to crown the holy title of “Best Girl“, it was one that proved to be more difficult than we first imagined. Now, without further delay, the SnapThirty team would now like to officially award the title of Toughest Lady to none other than the original wicked witch…


(Platinum Games’ Bayonetta 1 & 2)


Arguably one of the most loved video game heroines of recent times, Bayonetta demolished the competition thanks to her diverse skill set that allowed her to trump any technique opponents threw at her. What is faster than the supreme agility of a trained Shinobi? The ability to stop time itself. What can defend against the Plasma Canon of an intergalactic bounty hunter? The control over hellacious beings from another world. What can slip through the grasp of a thousand summoned arms? The surprising ability to separate ones full form, instead become a swarm of thirsty vampire bats. None of the other bracket battlers had what it took to thwart the pure destructive power of Bayonetta’s Witch abilities, and even if they did…none could pull off a win with more style and sex appeal than that of Cereza herself.


Originally released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 back in 2010 courtesy of Sega, Platinum Games’ Bayonetta follows the story of a talented Witch, Bayonetta, as she traverses through both the world of the living and the world of which we only discover after death, killing angels and, despite her witchy nature, eventually coming to be the heroine both worlds greatly deserve. In 2014, Bayonetta 2 was released exclusively on the Wii U thanks to Nintendo’s involvement in an almost-detrimental incident that left Platinum Games without the titles original publisher Sega.

Thanks to high demand from the game’s incredibly large audience, Nintendo would have been silly not to have swooped in and saved the sequel from it’s possible doom. Thanks to this, the world was given a second chance to experience Bayonetta in all it’s overwhelming beauty and, in more recent times, the titular character has been added to the roster of the latest Super Smash Bros., making the world even more of a happier place to live.


As you will be able to see below, the list of fighters for this bracket was one filled with powerful ladies, the likes of which, within their own realms, would stand second to none, but when mixed together it is clear who would come out on top, and this time…it just happened to be Bayonetta who, whilst being pushed to her absolute limits in all our scenarios, was able to pull through with a victory in the end. There’s a reason why Bayonetta is such a beloved character, and it’s not just because of her good looks.

She’s charming, she’s sexy, that’s a given, but there’s much more to her character than just that. Not only does she have access to deadly weaponry, she is also in command of a set of demons once renowned for being unbeatable in the underworld…but she tamed them. Not only that, Bayonetta is also a a Witch with powers that could bring utter calamity to the universe, and yet, despite featuring such heavy-hitting battle traits, she still comes off as classy as ever.

She’s smart, beautiful, powerful, and has what it takes to beat anything that comes her way. Of course Bayonetta takes the title…did you honestly think that wouldn’t be the case?

Though the winner has already been crowned, it must be mentioned that each and every tough lady that appeared in the bracket all had a fighting chance, and each deserve to be appreciated in their own ways. We at SnapThirty have made the decision, but it is our audience that we care about more than anything else in the world, so we would like to know who you believe to be the Toughest Lady in Japanese Pop Culture, even if it doesn’t match up with our decision. Please take the time to vote for your favorite character just below and be sure to check the results from time to time just to see who’s on top.

Below you will find the full bracket, showing both winners and losers, so that you all understand just how it was that the winner was chosen. Under that you will find the poll wherein which your vote can be placed. 




  1. So many awesome possibilities! Super pumped to see two of my favorite anime ladies on the list (Izumi and Yoruichi). Either one of them would have been my own personal (and very biased, I admit) choice, along with Appleseed’s Deunan Knute, but Bayonetta is a thousand levels of awesome so it’s all good. :-)

    • Frank Inglese says

      So tell us, Emma; if anyone could beat Bayonetta (ladies not on this list), who do you think it would be?

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