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SnapThirty Crowns Most Spiritually-Talented Youngster In Anime and Manga

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For years, pop culture fanatics have been at war with each other. Countless relationships have been ruined over talks of who is best this and who is best that. For example: While some of us tend to think Persona 4’s Chie is Best Girl, others may believe it is Sword Art Online’s Asuna. The problem with this ongoing debate is that it is one fought entirely on a biased foundation, meaning that there can never be a proper resolution. This conflict is one that seems as though it is never going to end, but us here at SnapThirty want you all to know that we will be the ones to bring peace back into the pop culture world…one character at a time.

On episode 43 of the SnapThirty podcast, the boys decided that they were going to run a series of tournament brackets to decide once and for all who from Japanese pop culture truly are the best of the best. While Best Girl is indeed the most sought after title in all of history, we’ve decided to start small and build up to what will eventually be the title to end all titles.

On this week’s episode of the Lost In Mistranslation podcast, Luke, Frank, and Kane decide who the most Spiritually-Talented Youngster in Anime and Manga truly is. Below we have featured the winner, and the bracket, but for the full experience please listen to episode 87 of the aforementioned podcast which you can get to by Clicking Here.

In impromptu Battle Bracket created for episode 87 of the Lost In Mistranslation podcast, the theme of such bracket was inspired by the youngsters in Anime and Manga who rely heavily on their spiritual strength the do battle. Now, for the sake of transparency, we at SnapThirty decided that to be considered for this bracket a character must have an ability that has otherworldly connection, be it to Heaven, Hell, or any other fictional realms that may have been conceived within the story of a series.

The winner of this Battle Bracket, though having won a previous tournament, has taken a brand-new title as the most Spiritually-Gifted Youngster in Anime and Manga thanks to his mostly undefined set of countless abilities, all of which have one more multiple connections to other worlds. With his devastating speed, piercing strength, and infinite potential which, in turn, allows him to transcend each and every limit one could place upon him, the winner of most Spiritually-Gifted Youngster in Anime and Manga is none other than…

Ichigo Kurosaki

(Shonen Jump and Tite Kubo’s “Bleach”)


There isn’t much that can be said about Bleach’s Ichigo Kurosaki that hasn’t already been said in the past. Ichigo is a baffling mix between a Human, Soul Reaper, and Quincy, which each have several sub-denominations of which he too belongs to. Ichigo not only has a vast wealth of battle experience, he has also been trained in several different styles, having developed, lost, then regained several different techniques and abilities relating to his many connections to different spirit-based races and practices.

Despite the fact that many of the contenders who partook in our bracket had the ability to stand toe-to-toe with Ichigo in various situations, it is Ichigo’s aggravatingly-vague spiritual makeup that allows him to transcend time and time again, thwarting all foes great or small. While the runner up, Ushio Aotsuki of Ushio and Tora, had what it took to push Ichigo to his absolute limits, it was Ichigo’s famed Getsuga Tenshou that sealed his fate.

Ichigo Kurosaki simply has too much at his disposal for any other Spiritually-Gifted character to beat. We begrudgingly crowned Ichigo Kurosaki as such because, truth be told, his victory was fair in every way, but we also understand that his character is far too powerful even within the series he belongs to. Regardless, he now has another accolade under his belt, and all other opponents, well…they’ll just have to try again next time. Congratulations, Ichigo Kurosaki, your many-facetted existence has made you victorious once again.


Though the winner has already been crowned, it must be mentioned that each and every tough lady that appeared in the bracket all had a fighting chance, and each deserve to be appreciated in their own ways. We at SnapThirty have made the decision, but it is our audience that we care about more than anything else in the world, so we would like to know who you believe to be the most Spiritually-Gifted Youngster in Anime and Manga, even if it doesn’t match up with our decision. Please take the time to vote for your favorite character just below and be sure to check the results from time to time just to see who’s on top.

Below you will find the full bracket, showing both winners and losers, so that you all understand just how it was that the winner was chosen. Under that you will find the poll wherein which your vote can be placed. 



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