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SnapThirty Crowns Best Shonen Jump Signature Move


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For years, pop culture fanatics have been at war with each other. Countless relationships have been ruined over talks of who is best this and who is best that. For example: While some of us tend to think Persona 4’s Chie is Best Girl, others may believe it is Sword Art Online’s Asuna. The problem with this ongoing debate is that it is one fought entirely on a biased foundation, meaning that there can never be a proper resolution. This conflict is one that seems as though it is never going to end, but us here at SnapThirty want you all to know that we will be the ones to bring peace back into the pop culture world…one character at a time.

On episode 43 of the SnapThirty podcast, the boys decided that they were going to run a series of tournament brackets to decide once and for all who from Japanese pop culture truly are the best of the best. While Best Girl is indeed the most sought after title in all of history, we’ve decided to start small and build up to what will eventually be the title to end all titles.

In the second instalment of this new Podcast/Article series, SnapThirty decide once and for all which character from the weekly Manga publication Shonen Jump has the greatest Signature Move. For the full bracket discussion, make sure to listen in to the latest episode of the SnapThirty podcast which you can get to by Clicking Here.

It took a long while of combative conversation but SnapThirty have finally crowned the Best Signature Move, Shonen Jump edition. We would now like to officially award the title of Best Shonen Jump Signature Move to none other than the, aparantly, incomparable…

Ichigo Kurosaki’s Getsuga Tenshou



Main character Ichigo Kurosaki’s Signature Move, the Getsuga Tenshou is simply a long-range, highly-powerful beam of pure spiritual power that is launched with the swing of his Zanpakuto Zangetsu. The technique was first shown at the very beginning of the long-running Manga series’ beginning, and has stayed true as a staple of Ichigo Kurosaki’s somewhat short list of fighting techniques. The Getsuga Tenshou can come in many different shapes and forms, with Ichigo seemingly inventing new versions of it as he see fits, obviously depending on the strength of his enemy. Others, like Isshin Kurosaki, also use this technique, but nowhere near as frequently as Ichigo, who believes as though it is the best, if not only way, to finish off every single opponent.

Unfortunately, there simply isn’t another technique that could combat the Getsuga Tenchou, if not because of it’s speed, than because of it’s incredible cutting power, and vice versa. Ichigo Kurosaki is one of the more overpowered Shonen characters to ever exist, even once having his powers stripped from him entirely, only to have them return with minimal training, so it is fitting that the award for Best Shonen Jump Signature Move goes to a technique, and a character, who has proven to be utterly unbeatable.


The key to Getsuga Tenshou’s superiority over all other listed Signature Moves is that, at it’s most simple form, it is both lightning fast and devastatingly strong. Although misconceived as being one simple slash, the Getsuga Tenshou, thanks to many different sources, has been confirmed as a move that can be used again quickly after execution, with the user (Ichigo Kurosaki) having been seen using it in conjunction with his Bankai which, as you may know, gives Ichigo Kurosaki an unfathomable boost to both his speed and his strength.

Getsuga Tenshou is an incredibly versatile technique: Although it began as a simple slash, it’s user Ichigo Kurosaki has changed and developed the technique to fit any and all situations, making it faster, slower, thicker, or sometimes not even a slash at all. The technique can be used to an absolute level, with the Final Getsuga Tenshou, named Mugetsu, being so devastatingly powerful that a single use will render the user unable to use any form of Spiritual Energy from then on in perpetuity. Fortunately for Ichigo Kurosaki…he found a way for his powers to return, and then some! With this technique, the user itself becomes Getsuga Tenshou and releases all of it’s energy as one calamitous beam or pure destruction. It is seen as the ultimate technique.


The funniest thing about the winner of this award is that, well…us here at SnapThirty are known for being quite hard on the Shonen Jump Manga Bleach, so to have to award it’s main character with such an accolade is…almost heartbreaking, but it means that we were unbiased in our decision. The Getsuga Tenshou truly is the most versitile, applicable, and simply powerful move in all of Shonen Jump history. There’s a reason why Bleach’s main character Ichigo Kurosaki is practically unbeatable, and we think it has a great deal to do with the Getsuga Tenshou.

Though the winner has already been crowned, it must be mentioned that each and every technique that appeared in the bracket all had a fighting chance, and each deserve to be appreciated in their own ways. We at SnapThirty have made the decision, but it is our audience that we care about more than anything else in the world, so we would like to know which you think is Shonen Jump’s Best Signature Move, even if it doesn’t match up with our decision. Please take the time to vote for your favorite character just below and be sure to check the results from time to time just to see who’s on top.

Below you will find the full bracket, showing both winners and losers, so that you all understand just how it was that the winner was chosen. Under that you will find the poll wherein which your vote can be placed. 




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