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SnapThirty Crowns Best Dog In Japanese Pop Culture


For years, pop culture fanatics have been at war with each other. Countless relationships have been ruined over talks of who is best this and who is best that. For example: While some of us tend to think Persona 4’s Chie is Best Girl, others may believe it is Sword Art Online’s Asuna. The problem with this ongoing debate is that it is one fought entirely on a biased foundation, meaning that there can never be a proper resolution. This conflict is one that seems as though it is never going to end, but us here at SnapThirty want you all to know that we will be the ones to bring peace back into the pop culture world…one character at a time.

On episode 43 of the SnapThirty podcast, the boys decided that they were going to run a series of tournament brackets to decide once and for all who from Japanese pop culture truly are the best of the best. While Best Girl is indeed the most sought after title in all of history, we’ve decided to start small and build up to what will eventually be the title to end all titles.


In the very first instalment of this new Podcast/Article series, SnapThirty decide once and for all which character from Japanese Pop Culture as a whole is…Best Dog. For the full bracket discussion, make sure to listen in to the latest episode of the SnapThirty podcast which you can get to by Clicking Here.

It took an almost full forty five minutes of combative conversation but SnapThirty have finally crowned their very first Best Character from Japanese Pop Culture. We would now like to officially award the title of Best Dog In Japanese Pop Culture to none other than…


(JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders)


Iggy and his powerful Stand The Fool made their first appearance in chapter 183 of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Manga series and in episode 51 of the Anime series that shares the same name. Upon introduction, it seemed as though Iggy was simply an arrogant hound brought into the story only for the sake of comedy relief, and to aggravate fellow Stardust Crusader Polnareff.

As the series went on, Iggy began to show signs of change, both physically and mentally, eventually becoming a hero in not only the hearts of audience members the world over but in the hearts of the characters that once though of him as nothing more than a silly mutt.

Obtaining an inner monologue that showed us, the audience, his high level of introspective thought added to the character we had assumed was nothing more than a basic side character. This is why it took audiences by surprise when Iggy eventually developed his own voice during the fight between himself and fellow animal Stand user PetShop.


During this time of inner monologue, it was revealed that Iggy, although just a simple dog up until the time he came to manifest The Fool, only wanted to live the life of a normal stray. He had women, he had followers, he had a back alley all to himself but he was taken from that life forcefully by the Speedwagon Foundation to aid in the fight against DIO.

He eventually grew to enjoy the company of his new friends while at the same time coming to terms with his fate as a member of the Stardust Crusaders, ultimately sacrificing himself for the sake of the other team members and perishing at the hands of one of DIO’s powerful henchmen.


Iggy, as a lone character, had the ability to bring this series back from the brink of monotony by returning it to the former Shonen glory that once made it so popular. He proved, as a character, that he had the unbelievable capacity to grown, develop lasting relationships with other characters, and make an impact on audience members the world over that will stay with them for years and years to come.

This is why Iggy has been crowned Best Dog In Japanese Pop Culture, and to that we say…who’s a good boy? Huh? Who’s a good boy, Iggy? You’re a good boy aren’t you? Yes you are! Yes you are!

Though the winner has already been crowned, it must be mentioned that each and every character that participated in the bracket all had a fighting chance, and each deserve to be appreciated in their own ways. We at SnapThirty have made the decision, but it is our audience that we care about more than anything else in the world, so we would like to know who you think is the Best Dog In Japanese Pop Culture, even if it doesn’t match up with our decision. Please take the time to vote for your favorite character just below and be sure to check the results from time to time just to see who’s on top.


Let us know your thoughts!