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Snap Play: Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late – Episode 02

2nd Clause…Fight!

The Hollow Night has come about once again and that means those who call this blood-soaked evening their home are out to play! Lock up your kids, lock up the family pet, close all the curtains and put on a light-hearted kids movie because this night, that only comes around once a month, is NOT for those who aren’t combat ready.

Four men who ARE combat ready are Frank (@FrankInglese), Kane (@KaneBugeja), Luke (@LAHalliday) and Jahan (@JahanKingKhan). This group of brave fighters take on the Hollow Night with everything they’ve got and even though that’s not much, maybe it’s just enough for them to make it out alive!

Check out episode two of the let’s play series where the boys from SnapThirty throw down arcade fighter-style!

Huge thanks to NIS America Europe who provided us with the review copy we used to record this video. Please support them where you can!


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