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Snap Play: Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late – Episode 01

1st Clause…Fight!

Arcade fighters are some of the very best video games around! Frank Inglese (@FrankInglese) and Kane Bugeja (@KaneBugeja) consider themselves somewhat a pair of good gamers. One of them thinks himself a pretty good fighting game player whereas the other, to little concern, understands his futility on the battlefield.

Watch as these two go head-to-head…to-head…to-head…look, there are a LOT of matches so sit back an enjoy a full fifty minutes of fighting game action and mindless banter about all things the world of Pop Culture. From talks about the practicality of a Samurai wearing high heels to the ins and outs of the classic cartoon “The Wacky Racers”, episode one of this “Let’s Play” has it all!

Huge thanks to NIS America Europe who provided us with the review copy we used to record this video. Please support them where you can!


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