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Snap Play: Dragon Ball XenoVerse – Episode 02

Solo Round!

Frank (@FrankInglese) is back for another episode of Snap Play: Dragon Ball XenoVerse! Unfortunately this time he’s on his own; Kane (@KaneBugeja) has gone off into the mountains to train with his mysterious mentor Mr. Ficklepo and has left Franky on his own to record another episode. That’s fine though! Frank’s inner warrior has pushed him forward and he’s attacked episode two of the “Let’s Play-style” series with all his might!

Follow Frank as he takes on the altered history of “Dragon Ball XenoVerse” with the focus in this episode being on the prologue harrowing story and the arrival of the evil Saiyan Raditz.

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Huge thanks to Bandai Namco Games who provided us with the review copy we used to record this video. Support them where you can.


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