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Snap Play: “Advance Wars” Episode 05

We here at SnapThirty pride ourselves on never forgetting the things that lead us to be the fine young writers we are today. Our passion for Japanese Pop Culture was given birth many years ago during the times of our childhood and each day we try our very best to thank the video games, the Anime, the Manga and everything else from our pasts for simply being able to experience them.

“Advance Wars” was one of the very first tactical role-playing games I ever laid eyes on and within but one mission I was hooked. I’d be in constant possession of my Game Boy Advanced whether I was at school, out with my parents, at a friends house and everywhere in between. The chance to play another round of “Advance Wars” would never pass me by simply because I was always prepared. Even though my young brain couldn’t fully understand each and every single gameplay mechanic, I still had the time of my life and now at the ripe old age of twenty I’ve decided to try my hand once again at the game that made me the tactical RPG fanatic I am today.

Follow me, Frank Inglese, as I join the Orange Star army and do literally everything that I can to not only survive but to work towards a better, more peaceful future…in the game. The Lords know I don’t have what it takes to do that in reality, but in “Advance Wars”?! Oh yeah, I can do it!


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