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SMASH! is Just Around the Corner!


What more could you ask for?

It’s time to put on your Saturday/Sunday best and grab your wallets Pop Culture fans because SMASH! is almost upon us once again. Taking a shift in location from last year, all of your anime and manga needs can now be found at Rosehill Gardens, on August 9th-10th (the aforementioned Saturday/Sunday). Clocking in with over 170 vendors, this eighth iteration of SMASH! is set to be bigger than ever.

Fans will (as always) have the opportunity to show off their cosplay outfits on the main stage, perhaps even taking part in one of the two competitions to be held during the weekend: the annual Madman Cosplay Competition and the Australian Preliminary Competition of World Cosplay Summit 2015. Such fans may also be pleased to note that cosplay superstar Reika will also be gracing SMASH! this year, drawing a greater focus to this constructive endeavour of fandom than ever before.

Though even if you’re not expressly into cosplay, you will by no means be disappointed. With all the panels, shops, workshops, cafes and anything else anime/manga related, you’ll be hard pressed to find a dull moment. Take, for example, the Sword Art Online Exhibition which is currently touring Australia and New Zealand. Featuring original artworks from the popular anime series, including character designs,
concepts and storyboards, fans will get the opportunity to enjoy the series and purchase official merchandise and take photos with the heroes of Sword Art Online, should they so desire.

Animation director and character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto (Cowboy Bebop, Wolf’s Rain, Noragami, Heroman, Space Dandy and a number of other series) will also be attending SMASH! 2014 as a special guest along with voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi, who is best known as the voice of Sailor Moon in both the original series and the current reboot. So be sure to check out these powerhouses of the industry when you get the chance.

Ray Elinon (SMASH! President) says:

“SMASH! has always been about producing an anime convention for fans by fans that offer a variety of Japanese pop-culture events that cater everyone’s interests. We now have twice the amount of exciting panels, workshops and events planned at this year’s two-day convention. Attendees will definitely find the time to see and participate in more activities than ever before…we honestly can’t wait to share what we have store with our fans. We look forward to having three incredibly talented guests from different facets of Japanese pop-culture to join us at this year’s convention. SMASH! fans are quite versatile and we believe it is our goal to bring the best guests from Japan every year — just for our fans. Having guests from the cosplay sector to animation to voice-acting sector proves that SMASH! is determined to show Australian geek fans what Japan and its unique culture has to offer. From cosplay, anime, gaming to art, it is guaranteed fans and non-fans of Japanese pop-culture will highly enjoy SMASH!. SMASH! is the perfect opportunity for everyone to discover and experience new things about Japanese pop-culture. It is not often that you get to experience an annual event like SMASH! with your fellow geek fans, so bring a friend or two and we hope to see you in August!”

Well there you have it folks. Are you hyped for SMASH! 2014 yet? For those who haven’t purchased a ticket and wish to do so, head on over to SMASH! and grab one before July 31st. C’mon, it’ll be fun. Here, if words weren’t enough to entice you, how about some pictures. Everybody loves pictures.


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