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Smash Bros Gain a Few New Siblings, Round Out Family


The fight is on!

Smash Bros, those two words which drove an entire generation of gamers to discover just what would happen if Mario and Link ever met in combat. Also Donkey Kong was there, and Pikachu…Peach, Ness, Kirby, the roster has accrued more and more faces throughout its lifetime. The advent of DLC was therefore a blessing for Smash as it has been for fighting games the world over, I’m looking at you Street Fighter. Well my friends, the Wii U and 3DS character sheets have reached their end, with the final three fighters lunging into the spotlight in a special Nintendo presentation.

First off, the Buster Sword wielding amnesiac himself, Cloud Strife was announced previously with the promise of more news to come. Well the mysterious news in question has now been made less mysterious, two new fighters will be joining the fray. Allow me to elucidate.

In this corner, weighing in at I have no idea from parts brand new, bolstering the Fire Emblem crew; the knight with a hidden might, the barefoot brawler who should’ve probably bought armoured shoes because that’s how armour works, the dragon man/woman themselves (depending on costume choice): Corrin!

Okay, I’ll admit, I don’t know too much about Corrin, like I made up a lot of that introduction, but hey, I’m still excited. Hailing from the latest entry in the Fire Emblem series, this fighter brings some nifty weapons to the main stage, combined with a particularly draconic transformation. Which is cool.

On the flipside of knowledge, we have the final character to be added to Smash Bros. Joining the fight from a time long past, powered by less than heavenly sources and standing at an impossibly proportioned height, the Umbra Witch herself; Bayonetta.

So here’s a name people weren’t sure would ever join the Smash Bros roster. With her egregiously feminine wiles, Bayonetta is not your typical Nintendo character, as she was not initially a Nintendo character. Bringing her unique hair based manifestation, Bayonetta provides a new face for all the combo lovers out there to enjoy. Also she has four guns, which she uses all at once, so that’s neat.

Rounding out the final triumvirate, these new additions provide mechanics based rather heavily on their games of origin, which is a nice little touch that brings familiarity to their particular brands of variation. Since Ryu deigned to fight off the streets, the colourful roster of the Smash Bros franchise has spread its grasp considerably, drawing in names fans only conceived in jest. That being said, Bayonetta’s inclusion in the game is a direct resuly of the fan ballot held by Nintendo, so I guess the jests were taken in stride.

Could these more varied and numerous faces mean a wider range of characters come next Smash? Will there be another when Nintendo releases their next console? My hopes for both are yes, but the facts remain non-existant. Still, we have some new content for the current game and, though Corrin and Bayonetta aren’t set to hit until February 2016, I am most certainly excited. Anyway, for a more professional look at these new fighters, check out the official release video down below and get amped for a Buster Sword filled, Umbra Witchcraft heavy, dragon knight packed DLC marathon. I know I am. I am also looking forward to the new Amiibos set to release for Cloud, Corrin, Bayonetta, Roy, Ryu and Famicom R.O.B, I mean, it’s not like I need money right? After all I’m sure Amiibos will be a currency in the future.


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