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Small Screen, Big Screen, All Screens – AnimeLab Now Available On Sony TV


AnimeLab-Fullmetal-Alchemist-Screenshot-01Let’s be honest, people, you all have some pretty flashy television sets. Television sets? Do they even call them that anymore? Ugh, it doesn’t matter. The point of what I’m saying is that, chances are, if you own a TV…it’s a damn good one. Sony, who love making advances in technology, have their own line of televisions, how crazy is that? Amazing right?! Well a lot of their new televisions have some wonderful features, with most allowing users to some of their favorite apps like YouTube so that they can watch their favorite videos on the big screen, that is…unless your computer monitor is already big.

Do you know what’s just as exciting as Sony televisions? Madman Entertainment’s Anime streaming service AnimeLab. Surely you know what AnimeLab is, right? No?! You’re clearly lying, but allow me to explain regardless: It’s an online service that allows us Australians to watch the latest and greatest Anime without having to reach into the darkest depth of the internet for a worthwhile torrent file. So, yeah…it’s pretty damn good! You’ve got new shows like Prison School and Gangsta, but then you’ve also got some classics like Naruto Shippuden and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. What more can you want? Oh, you actually do want more? Well…AnimeLab have got something else for you to sink your teeth into.

Remember how I mentioned Sony televisions in the first paragraph? Well I wasn’t being an idiot, it actually relates to this news. Sony has two television models, the FY14 and FY15, which now support AnimeLab. This means you can watch all your AnimeLab content on the big screen without having any annoying peripherals, so long as you have one of these models. Before this, you could watch AnimeLab content on your SmartPhones, or your personal computer, or even on any USB-capable television through ChromeCast but never like this.

Jump on your Sony Bravia FY14 or FY15 and search for the AnimeLab service app. It’s just that easy. What have you got to lose? An immeasurably good time? Go and do it already! Stop wasting time! Enjoy Anime, it’s literally the greatest thing in the world!


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