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Six New Character Trailers Released For JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven

Bandai Namco Entertainment are super excited for their upcoming JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure title Eyes Of Heaven, and to celebrate it’s almost-release they plan on posting character-specific videos that span the game’s entire roster which, last time I checked, is at least fifty strong. So far the list of names is fairly thick, but it’s only going to get thicker! Before jumping in and catching a glimpse of the latest spotlight characters, why not check out those who came before it:  Jonathan Joestar, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Jotaro Kujo,Okuyasu NijimuraBruno BuccellatiJoseph JoestarDio Brando, Gyro ZeppeliJosuke Higashikata, Enrico Pucci, Rudol Von StroheimTrish UnaEsidisi, Rohan KishibeJotaro Kujo (Part IV), Mariah, Narancia Ghirga, Funny Valentine, Weather Report, Shigekiyo Yango, Wamuu, Lisa LisaPannacotta Fugo, Petshop, Johnny Joestar, and Yoshikage Kira.

I know, reader, you woke up this morning thinking to yourself; “Jeez, I could really go for a torrent JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure video game content right about now“, which is absolutely amazing because that’s exactly what you’re getting! Bandai Namco Entertainment have upped the output of this character-centric trailers, which is great for those of you out there that really want to see the new character roster in action, but not so great for people like me who have to keep up with it on a daily basis…but I suppose that just comes with the job title right? Today you’re in luck, because Bandai Namco Entertainment have released six individual character trailers each of which span for about a minute and a half. That’s a lot of JoJo!

Today’s trailers feature the following characters: Noriaki Kakyoin (Part III: Stardust Crusaders), Diavolo (Part V: Vento Aureo), Diego Brando (Part VII: Steel Ball Run), Will A. Zeppeli (Part I: Phantom Blood), Kars (Part II: Battle Tendency), and Jolyne Cujoh (Part VI: Stone Ocean). Now I could sit here and talk about these characters for quite some time, trust me…I can, but I will refrain from keeping you away from this hexagon of trailers (six sides, people) because really, nothing can show just how powerful a character is…than the character itself.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven is set for a release on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 across Japan on the 17th of December, hopfeully with a Western release to follow soon after.

Noriaki Kakyoin




Diego Brando


Will A. Zeppeli




Jolyne Cujoh



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