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Sister2Sister – Splatoon’s Last Splatfest is Callie vs Marie


And you thought it was tough deciding whether you were a kid or a squid…

That’s right inklings, the final Splatfest is upon us. No more shall warriors gather to test their mettle and prove, through brute force alone, which side of an argument is correct. Burgers vs Pizza. Past vs Future. Autobots vs Decepticons. Although I’m pretty sure that last one might’ve raised some red flags for a couple of people, what with their friends allying with one of the most icnic cartoon forces of evil…but I digress. For this last bout, this final hoorah as it were, we are all faced with what is perhaps the greatest question of our era, the most confounding conundrum to ever phase through the minds of those with ink coursing through their veins: Callie vs Marie.

Yeparooni, the Squid Sisters are taking centre stage once more as they call forth their fans to defend their individual honour. So, dust off that Charger, oil up that Roller and get ready to charge once more into the fray as the world settles once and for all (from 7pm AEST, Friday July 22 until 7pm AEST, Sunday July 24) which irreplaceable half of the squidtastic duo is the best. Also, they have amiibos now…so yeah. Even if your team doesn’t win you can just enjoy the solo concert that plays out when you scan said amiibos (which actually release on July 9th) into Splatoon. Are there duets shared by the Squid Sisters? Yes, but we’re talking about combat here people, there’s no room for a middle ground. So calm your mind, look deep within your soul and resolutely decide, are you #TeamCallie or #TeamMarie?

PS #TeamMarie


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