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Siren Visual license Nodame Cantabile


Huge news has come in from Australian anime distributor Siren Visual. Continuing their storied history of releasing the very best of the noitaminA anime block, Siren Visual have took aim for one of the most critically acclaimed anime series ever to air on the block, the modern classic that is Nodame Cantabile.

Nodame Cantabile is set in a college music conservatorium and follows a neurotic classical musician by the name of Chiaki. Chiaki feels trapped by his own neurosis and fears until Nodame, a young pianist, comes into his life and changes everything.

The series is touted for its mature story-telling and inspirational messages about life, love and the music in between. Siren Visual look to release the series on DVD in a collected format at some point in 2015. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming release as news surfaces.


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