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Sins Of The Brother – 91 Days Episode Ten – Season’s Writings


The search for Corteo continues as the Vanetti’s ship Avilio off to Chicago to meet with Galassia representatives and to continue promoting Lawless Heaven. Little do they know that this mission will double as witness protection with Ganzo and Avilio now working together for the same cause; to kill the Vanetti’s. Sporting a new haircut, Corteo escapes alongside Avilio so as to lay low until this all blows over. Too bad it never will. Barbero, the single Vanetti to still be doubting Avilio’s allegiance, does everything in his power to prove that Corteo and Avilio are in cahoots, which he almost does…that is until Corteo makes a grand entrance declaring that it was he alone who fed information to Fango and that it is he alone who should be punished for it.

“Kill him yourself” says Nero, handing Avilio a hot piece and leaving the room. The rest follow, but not before Barbero shoots Avilio one last judging glance. All parties know the unsavoury nature of this exchange, but at this point in time…nothing can be done to alter it. This is necessary now. Corteo smiles as he prepares for death, knowing that with him gone so will all uncertainty directed at Avilio, leaving him to fulfil his vendetta unburdened. Avilio, as if making a promise to his brother, says; “I’ll see you soon” as the credits roll. Riposare in pace.


I feel as though the basis of most of my articles pertaining to 91 Days lies in the fact that I can’t handle the twists and turns. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, they hit hard, too hard for me to grasp at times…it’s probably why I love them. This episode left me with a bad taste in my mouth. A purposeful one. If you’re a member of the 91 Days-watching audience that finished episode ten feeling “normal” than I just don’t think you’re watching this show correctly.

Fact is; 91 Days takes a great deal of alternative storytelling routes. I can count on two hands the amount of times I thought a situation was going to go one way and it ended up going the other. At this point in time, I’m deeply saddened by Corteo’s death, but there’s a part of me that simply doesn’t believe it. Why? Past experience I suppose. Would Angelo really kill Corteo, even for the sake of his life’s work? I really want the answer to be “No”.


I do apologise for my broken record-like nature but I must reiterate that 91 Days is ripe with character development. In the span of single episodes we see characters go from nothing to something of substance, but often they’re killed off in the process. Vanno, I still miss you. Episode Ten gave audience a deep gaze at the inner workings of many of the characters featured within it. As it turns out; Ganzo is just a greedy pig of a man who sees a good opportunity and takes advantage of it, Corteo has such a deep love for Angelo that has remained unchanged despite recent events, Barbero has the capacity to become neurotic with his quest for answers, and Angelo, well…we discover that Angelo will do anything for his cause. Anything.

That, dear reader, is perhaps what has left me feeling bitter. Not just at the death of Corteo, but because it was at the hands of someone who once called him friend…family…brother. Now, he’s nothing more than another road block, another hurdle, another setback that can seemingly be overcome with a bullet. 91 Days makes me feel things no other Anime can, so if you’re ever to question why it is I love it so…that’s your answer.

91 Days is now available to watch through Crunchyroll: Click Here.


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  1. I think the real tragedy of this show is Corteo. He really needed to not get caught up in Avilio’s plans and, having failed at that, he really needed to run. Coming back was a terrible idea and he knew it. I suppose we can put it down to brotherhood/friendship and sacrifice but mostly I just feel like Corteo never found his own life outside of Avilio and I feel kind of sad for him.

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