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Since Everyone Loves Attack on Titan, There Is Now A Live-Action TV Series In The Works


While the live-action Attack on Titan movies have yet to hit the silver screen, a spin-off live-action TV series has been announced to tie-in with the films upcoming release. The TV series is slated to premiere this August and will focus on the secrets and lives of the soldiers fighting in the war on Titans.

The series will follow the character of Hanji who will be played by Satomi Ishihara in both the TV series and the films. The TV series hasn’t gotten a name yet but I’m sure it will be something along the lines of Attack on Titan: Flying On The Wings Of The Fleeting Light Of Hope For Humanity In This Everlasting Struggle With Death.

I think the real lesson of the story here is that people love Attack on Titan and that many more things to do with Attack on Titan will be made until people do not like Attack on Titan anymore because there is too many things about Attack on Titan being made. Regardless of that, stay tuned for more information on this upcoming TV series as it comes to light.

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