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Sick Of Minecraft? Let Me Introduce You To Dragon Quest Builders!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past half a decade, you’d know exactly what Minecraft is and exactly how damn popular the video game has become. What started off as this strange indie title wherein which players can deconstruct then reconstruct the world around them quickly became a reason for people of all ages to never leave their personal computers. Not only that, but it is a game that launched a thousand YouTube careers. Long story short; it’s a very popular game…but so is Dragon Quest.

What does Dragon Quest have to do with Minecraft? Well, before today, not a great deal, but Square Enix have just announced their new Dragon Quest title and it’s very similar to the low-resolution, block-building game we’ve all come to know and love. It’s called Dragon Quest Builders and it has been labelled a “block-building RPG“. So far only one screenshot of the game has been released and it honestly just looks like Minecraft with a Dragon Quest-themed modification which could honestly be exactly what Square Enix have done in terms of developing this title.


Dragon Quest Builders is a confusing video game, seeing as it is hitting a market already monopolised by Mojang’s sandbox title, and the fact that it looks so similar is honestly a little bothersome. Is this just a cash-grab for Square Enix? Yeah, probably. So why do we care about Dragon Quest Builders? Well…because it’s a Dragon Quest game! Obviously.

Set to be released in Japan this Winter, nothing has been said about a Western release as of right now. All we know is that it’s a game similar to Minecraft and that it will be released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and the PlayStation 4. That’s about it.


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