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Shulk Of ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’ Fame Joins New ‘Super Smash Bros.’

Super-Smash-Bros-for-Wii-U-Shulk-Announcement-Trailer-09Feel the power of the Monado! Shulk from the much loved Wii video game title ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’ has just been announced as the latest addition to the upcoming ‘Super Smash Bros.’ character roster and fans are absolutely loving it! It was but a week ago that someone with early access to the game leaked a couple of images of the in-game character selection menu which happened to feature a couple of extra character not yet announced.

I chose to focus on the fact that Ness will make a return but it seemed as though the rest of the internet instead decided to focus on a little guy named Shulk, main character of ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’ and the wielder of the extremely powerful Monado blade. Well Nintendo came out today and release both a batch of screenshots and an announcement trailer for Shulk, confirming his inclusion in the game and dismissing all doubt placed upon that particular ‘leaker’ and his/her ‘believability’.

The new game is set for a release on the 13th of September in Japan, the 3rd of October in North America/Europe and the 4th of October in little ol’ Australia.


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