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Shovel Knight Amiibo Announced Thanks To Leak Courtesy Of GAME Brighton

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We all know what Shovel Knight is. Even if you’re someone like me who hasn’t played it, it’s kind of hard not to know about this hugely-popular indie platforming title which has just risen to an incredible level of worldwide fame thanks to, well…who the heck knows. I just suppose it goes to show that if you make a good enough game, people will indeed play it.

The game has recently been picked up by Nintendo for a release on both the 3DS and Wii U, and like most Nintendo titles it has now received it’s very own Amiibo…which has been accidentally leaked thanks to a UK GAME store’s website. Yes, the GAME in Brighton over in the United Kingdom Tweeted from their official account that Nintendo have just announced a Shovel Knight Amiibo that already has a release date, that being the 27th of November this year.


Not long after this mishap, the GAME store deleted the Tweet and made no statement to rectify what they had done, choosing to instead sweep it under the rug like it was nothing at all. For most people, this really is nothing at all, but for fans of Shovel Knight and the heads of Nintendo…this is something WAY bigger than what you think.

The image featured alongside the Tweet made mention of the Amiibo’s compatibility plans which mostly revolved around the video game itself and of the same developers other, upcoming games. What was NOT mentioned was that of Super Smash Bros. or any other Amiibo-heavy titles like Mario Party 10. Surely, much like that of Splatoon, the Shovel Knight Amiibo will allow you to unlock certain bonuses in the game.

If you live in Brighton, maybe head into the GAME store and ask some of the workers there for yourself. Despite all that has happened, maybe they’ll still allow you to pre-order it. I’d get in as soon as possible because, like certain other Amiibos, this one is going to go fast!


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