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Shine On! JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part Four Promo Released


Stand and Deliver

Oh JoJo, that series that reminds us that not all families are conventional and that sometimes it takes the help of friends to see your goals through to the end. Of course it helps if said friends and family possesses tremendous abilities that skirt the border of reality, time, space, fiction and good sense, but the message of companionship is still underlying…I think. I’ll admit, things got a little hazy for me when the Stardust Crusaders had to fight the Sun, but that’s a story for another time.

Much to the joy of Diamond Is Unbreakable fans, David Production has continued their JJBA streak by revealing their plans for the first ever anime adaptation of said fourth part of the ever expanding epic of the Joestar bloodline. Jumping ahead a little from the previous part, Diamond Is Unbreakable takes place in 1999, continuing the trend of progressive eras in the JoJo franchise (keeping in mind that Part One took place in the 1880s). With new JoJo Josuke Higashikata at the helm, the series will follow a bizarre series of events relating to the inordinate amount of disappearances plaguing Morioh Town. The series will also most likely showcase a whole new gaggle of Stand wielding foes who will surely make us all ponder what it is that we’re actually witnessing. That being said, the centerpiece Stand Crazy Diamond looks pretty neat, carrying on the muscly intimidation of Star Platinum, albeit with a more vibrant colour palette. Regardless, I am most certainly looking forward to the next chapter of the JoJo story and will continue to  do so until April 2016 when it releases. Though I would much prefer it were out now…due to my impatience. Anyway, enjoy the promo.


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