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Sherlock Holmes Joins The Cast Of ‘The Great Ace Attorney’ Video Game


Laws aren’t just new things, you understand this right? It may seem like the past was filled with nothing but murderers, thieves and charlatans but I’m here to tell you that the stories are highly exaggerated. While the law wasn’t exactly enforced as strictly as it is now, Capcom are telling us that the past still had a need for a judicial system. The upcoming Nintendo 3DS title and the next game in the ‘Ace Attorney’ series.

Titled ‘Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken’ or simplified as ‘The Great Ace Attorney’, this game will take place all the way back in the Meiji Era of Japan; a time of evolution and growth for the country. The protagonist of the game, a man named Ryuunosuke Naruhodou, is a direct descendant of the man we’ve come to know and love…Phoenix Wright.

Oh how times have changed! Capcom has revealed that Ryuunosuke, in the new game, will partner up with one of fictional history’s greatest detectives; Sherlock Holmes. What came with this announcement was nothing but a teaser image that depicted Ryuunosuke, his partner Susato and a silhouette of what looked like two other characters; one short and one tall. It was obvious that the silhouette was of none other than the in-game Sherlock.

Capcom today released, through Japan’s ‘Famitsu’ magazine, the full images of both Sherlock and his partner Watson, and they are looking like a fine pair indeed! Sherlock looks and is described exactly how you would think he’d be, Watson on the other hand…is a little different.

Iris Watson is an eight year old girl who somehow already has a medical Ph.D, which means she’s infinitely smarter than you or I and they perfect partner for one Sherlock Holmes. The game is set for a Spring release in Japan next year and has yet to be confirmed for the West.



  1. Jd Banks says

    Feels like people are looking at the most famous characters in classics again…

  2. Despite a brilliant performance from Sir Ian McKellen, Mr. Holmes is a little too scattered in its plot to leave much of an impact, making you wish that there had been more focus on its intriguing mystery and less on the less satisfying parts of the tale.

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