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Shenmue III Breaks the Internet and Sets Kickstarter Record, It’s Happening Folks


Nearly 15 years after the cliffhanger finale of Shenmue II on the Dreamcast (and later Xbox), the fabled sequel that’s been rumored to appear at every E3 conference in the last 15 years is now actually a thing. Shenmue III did show up at E3 this time… there will never be a Dreamcast 2 but there sure as hell is a Shenmue 3 now.

Shenmue was never the biggest commercial success during its own time, which is why any chance of the series continuing was pretty much gone because the powers to be simply never saw any money in it. In fact the first two games had production costs so high that sales could barely break even to cover it.

If anything Shenmue was ahead of its time, too ambitious and far ahead for gamers to really appreciate it for what it was. That being said, the right time and place for the franchise is quite simply right here and right now. Series creator and industry legend, Yu Suzuki, took the stage at the Sony E3 press conference today to officially announce Shenmue III, and as a PS4 console exclusive to boot. A Kickstarter was announced for the project, to gauge consumer interest and boy were the people interested.

Within minutes the Kickstarter website saw so much traffic that it literally crashed, and within minutes Shenmue III raised $200,000 of its $2 million goal, and right now it’s already reached over $1.3 million and the numbers are going up every single second. Pledging just $30 entitles you to both the PS4 and PC version of the game, so you can’t go wrong. It’s going to be digital title too, which isn’t too bad because that means we can expect new content and episodes to prolong the life of the game.

Between Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III, Sony made a lot of dreams come true at E3 this year. Never say never when it comes to video games, anything can happen in this industry. It also shows that if you beg, plead, and petition for something enough then it will surely happen even if it takes 15 years.

Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign now and realize that this isn’t a dream. The Dreamcast may be gone, SEGA may be a shell of its former self, Sonic sucks hard, but damn it Shenmue III is going to happen.

Shenmue III Kickstarter.

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