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Seraph Of The End: The Origin Of Fate To Hit Japan This December


A Manga series, an Anime adaptation, and now a video game. Seraph Of The End truly has it all, thanks to it’s droves of fans making it one of the more popular Shonen Jump titles of the new generation. Despite my aversion to the Anime adaptation that aired only last season, I couldn’t help but imagine that it wouldn’t be too long until the world will be seeing a video game based on the events of the series, and here we are.

Revealed a while ago but only now confirmed for an official release date, the upcoming PlayStation Vita title Seraph Of The End: The Origin Of Fate puts players in the shoes of the series’ main character cast as they battle through the story in what we’re being told will be a “dramatical tactical battle” title. Unfortunately not much regarding the game has actually been seen, bar a few screenshots that give nothing away, but from the description given by Bandai Namco Entertainment it’s supposed to be a well-made tactical role-playing game with a deep levelling system and some thrilling visuals.

Japan will officially be seeing this game in full on the 17th of December this year when it hits shelves across the great country. Nothing regarding a Western release has been detailed by Bandai Namco Entertainment as of right now but it is an incredibly popular series around the entire world so, chances are, we’ll be seeing a localisation sometime in the future. If not…you could always just import it. The PlayStation Vita has no region lock.


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