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Seraph Of The End: The Origin Of Fate PlayStation Vita RPG Announced


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Maybe you’re similar to me and were left with a bad taste in your mouth courtesy of the Seraph Of The End’s Anime season finale, or maybe you’re a die-hard fan of both the Manga as well as it’s Anime adaptation who is writing me a death threat letter as you’re reading this. Either way, chances are you’re at least slightly interested in a recent announcement by Bandai Namco Entertainment pertaining to the hit series and it’s upcoming PlayStation Vita video game.

Announced through the latest issue of Jump SQ magazine over in Japan, Seraph Of The End: The Origin Of Fate is a mostly mysterious tactical role-playing game that will put you in the shoes of the series’ main character cast. As supernatural soldiers, your task will be to eliminate the scourge of Vampire’s who’ve called a majority of the known world their home and sent the human race into an Attack On Titan-esque way of defensive living; mostly behind big walls guarded by heavily-armed military men and women.

Apart from the game being labelled a “dramatic tactics RPG“, there actually isn’t much in terms of detailed information. We know that it is going to be on the PlayStation Vita and we know that it is going to be an RPG…that’s about it. Once more information is released you’ll be able to read about it here but until then you’ll have to be happy with the knowledge that it is indeed…a thing.


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