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Senran Kagura’s Daidoji Joins The Male-Dominated Roster Of Uppers


Behind ever powerful man is an even more powerful woman preparing to lock said man in a sleeper hold, making him question his own mortality as he quickly, and sometimes quietly, goes for a long trip to sleep land the likes of which he may never return from. Uppers is an upcoming beat-em-up title developed and produced by the incredible video game development studio Marvelous who introduced the world to one of it’s, now, most popular brawler series’ Senran Kagura. Considering Uppers is being looked at like the cross gender equivalent of Senran Kagura, it only makes sense that one of the girls would make their way onto the roster, right? Well they have!

During the first-print run of the game’s release, Daidoji will be added to the roster for free as a downloadable character. According to Marvelous, it seems as though Daidoji’s appearance on the Last Resort island is a cause of her extensive travel for the sake of training. While on the road one day looking for another exciting place to hone her skills, she falls into a time/space portal that transports her to the island wherein which she takes the opportunity to kick ass, take names, and prove herself as one of the greatest fighters on the planet.

Uppers is set for a release on the PlayStation Vita across Japan on the 14th of July this year, but those of you native to the great country wont even have to wait that long considering Marvelous will be releasing a second demo on the 31st of March. Those of you out there that do indeed download the demo at the end of March will be eligible to get the game upon release at a discounted price, though degree of discount has yet to have been outlined.


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  1. She is my highest level character (although I used the dressing room to give her a more feminine looking hairstyle and outfit.)

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