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See An Iconic Battle Revisited In The First Full Trailer For Digimon Adventure Tri Part One

Digimon-Adventure-Tri-Part-One-Anime-Movie-Promotional-Image-01Over this past weekend, Tokyo held it’s very own Digimon Adventure Festival that, as a Digimon fan and a guy who writes about Japanese pop culture, I was very surprised to find out about. Never before had I heard of the Digimon Adventure Festival, but I’m damn glad it exists because, thanks to it, we (the fans) have been given a nice look at the first of six Digimon Adventure Tri movies through a full trailer rather than more teasers, which I couldn’t handle for much longer.

With a distinct lack of dialogue, the trailer features the movie’s theme song “Butter-Fly” by Koji Wada; the theme song of the original Japanese dub of the series which will make a return for the new films. It also features scenes from the first film, obviously, that show the re-igniting of a battle between our hero Greymon and the mysteriously evil Kuwagamon which you’ll remember was the first big battle in the original Digimon Adventure Anime series, going down in history as one of the most iconic Digimon Adventure battles of all time. I guess people, and Digimon, never really change, huh?

The first of many Digimon Adventure Tri trailers has been posted below, courtesy of yours truly, so enjoy it with every fibre of your digital being alongside the brand-new piece of promotional art that was released alongside the video which depicts Omnimon going head-to-head, literally, with the devastatingly powerful Alphamon; a fellow Royal Knight.

Part One of the six part movie series is set to hit Japanese theatres on the 21st of November this year. When the West will see these Anime films is, so far, undisclosed, but surely it’ll be sometime in the near future. Digimon is coming back, sweet babies! I can feel it in my digital bones!


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