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Secret Bases Make A Return In Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire



You know, reader, sometimes when I get into a fight with someone I love I just want to run away but that’s hard when living in the Pokemon world because at any moment you can be attacked by some sort of fire chicken or mariachi monster. That’s why every single Pokemon trainer must have their own secret base, a place where they can go when they can’t stay at home, a place where you can escape all your worries, a place where you can be in your own company and a place where you can store your plush toy collection without anyone giving you crap about it…I just like the way they feel, OK?!

After months of speculation, it was finally revealed that the ‘Secret Base’ feature from the original generation three games will make a huge return in the ‘Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’ video game remakes. Alongside the reveal of this returning features comes a bunch of great-looking screenshots that both show off the feature in all it’s new graphics glory as well as just how good the game is going to look in general. Players will be able to decorate their bases with a slew of different items that range from pot plants to deadly traps used to disorientate unaware visitors. Alongside all that, players will also be able to set up rules for Pokemon battle which will essentially turn their ‘Secret Base’ into a personalized Gym that others can take on.

Once you’re happy with the look and layout of your ‘Secret Base’, trainers will be able to share them via the ‘StreetPass’ and ‘QR Code’ options. You can then access friends’ bases where you can meet new trainers which you can then recruit and have return to your base or just straight up battle them, leaving them beaten in a base that, in your own opinion, doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the one you built. It is suggested that you have these trainers return to your base with you seeing as they can be a huge asset to you as a trainer. Alongside simply populating your base these ‘Secret Pals’ can help you hatch eggs faster, share decorations or actually level up your Pokemon. Now I know ‘Secret Pals’ sounds a little ‘raunchy’ but I assure you they’re not living in your base for any risque reasons, they just enjoy hanging out underground where there are no windows and only one door of which you can choose to block…if you’re ‘that’ type of person.

Heading to the ‘Secret Bases’ of your friends will benefit you more than just having trainers return with you. You can play a little game of ‘capture the flag’ by literally taking their base’s flag…interesting. Collecting these flags will raise your rank which will, in turn, raise your overall ‘Secret Base’ skill level which will unlock more from the ‘Secret Pals’ currently living in your below-the-surface-type domicile. This will add to the list of thing you’ll be able to do in accordance to your ‘Secret Pals’.

Here’s something super cool: ‘Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’ will be getting a release worldwide this November…that’s only a few months away! My suggestion; stay super excited, go back and play ‘Pokemon X and Y’, scream in excitement at your friends and let them scream back! Start preparing for what will hopefully be the gaming world’s biggest ever remake!


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