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Second Classic Pokemon Gym Leader Figure Announced – Misty: The Tomboy Mermaid


Chances are, if you’re a fan of Japanese pop culture in this day and age…you were a fan of Pokemon as a kid. Almost every single person I know used to play and has continued to play Pokemon ever since they were but a young child, and all of them now are fans of Anime, Manga, Video Games and Japanese pop culture as a whole so I feel as though my statement isn’t too exaggerated.

As a generation of people that grew up alongside video game franchises like Pokemon, it sometimes pains us to see that the powers at be are only directing their new merchandise towards the newer, younger fans. Almost every conversation I have with my same-aged friends about Pokemon usually turns into a pitch meeting no-one of importance will ever hear. “They should bring out this“, “They should bring out that“, “How about a remake of Pokemon Yellow“…most conversations go along that line.

Not but a week ago, long-time Pokemon artist Ken Sugimori released pictures of his original character sketches for four of the Gym Leaders from the first generation of Pokemon video games: Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, and Erika. Since then a new figure has been announced that shows a more modern and realistic look at Brock’s pose from the original games in full colour and in full…sexiness. As you can probably already tell, the internet went absolutely bonkers, but who specifically went crazy? It was us, the ones who played the original title. Not only have they decided to throw back all the way to the original games but they’ve decided to modernise it, mixing both nostalgia and contemporary quality.

Well just incase Brock’s totally buff body wasn’t enough to get you excited, it has just been announced that now Misty will be getting her very own modern day transformation from old-school sprite to new-school figure and, once again, the internet has gone bananas. Bandai’s official product website updated to include a little description of the upcoming figure but unfortunately it did not come with any images. Chances are though, we’ll be seeing them very soon considering how quick it was between the announcement of Brock’s figure and the showcasing of it.

The stage of adventure shifts to Cerulean City— The second Gym Leader, Misty, the “Tomboy Mermaid,” will be turned into merchandise! Her poses from the game will be replicated just like Brock. Preorders are expected to begin this fall. Look forward to it!

It is heavily implied that we will indeed be seeing the other two Gym Leaders shown in those sketches come to life in figure form but until that happens we’ll just have to be happy with both Brock and Misty; the first two Gym Leaders. When is Misty’s figure set to be released? That much hasn’t been said as of yet. Surely once they actually show what the figure will look like and how much it will cost, they too will specify when she’s set to be released. Finally some more merchandise for us bigger kids! It’s been worth the wait.


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