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Schwing! – This Strange Hisoka Figure From Hunter X Hunter Has Exciting Potential


Have we all seen the hit Anime series Hunter X Hunter? If you haven’t…make sure you don’t tell fellow site writer Luke Halliday. He is ravenous when it comes to all things Hunter X Hunter. Chances are, even if you haven’t had the opportunity to experience this hard-hitting Shonen series for yourself, you probably know quite a bit about it. It’s only one of THE most popular series’ of all time, you’re bound to know a little bit about it. There’s a character named Hisoka who, I suppose, you could fit into the category of ‘Bad Guy’, but not for long enough to cement him in as a detrimental part of protagonist Gon’s overall journey to find his father. In fact, often at times, Hisoka actually helps. Regardless, good or bad in action, Hisoka is a terrible human being at heart. Everything he does, he does strictly for his own pleasure and benefit. If that just so happens to help one party, than I suppose it’s their lucky day. Simply as that.

Hisoka has this strange fetish though; he enjoys seeing potential in others, but only so that he can one day come to destroy what was built as a cause of said potential. Example: He happens to have quite a ‘thing’ for Gon Freecs, why? Well, because he knows that Gon has the potential to be one of the world’s most powerful Hunters…and he wants to, one day, crush him to dust. Hisoka will do anything he possible can to help Gon become stronger just for this reason, and when he does see some sort of development, he shows his excitement in a…strange way.

The Premium Bandai store have just revealed a brand-new Hunter X Hunter figure, which is up for pre-order now, that happens to be of the character in question; Hisoka. Seemingly a normal figure with a standard Hisoka pose, this item comes with a little secret that shows just how ‘excited’ this strange man gets thanks to the sheer thought of, let’s say, Gon’s potential specifically. Hidden in the crotch area of this figure is a small LED light that shines bright pink when a button is pressed, this is to indicate Hisoka’s level of…excitement. The only thing missing from this figure is the jester’s memorable line; ‘Schwing!’, a term that means, well…I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to explain.

If this is something you absolutely NEED to add to your collection, you can check out the official Premium Bandai page by Clicking Here. The figure is set for a release in the May of next year so get in quick before all first-run units have been allocated. Hisoka…like seriously, man. Take it easy.



  1. Hisoka´s bicth says

    OOOOooooooOOoooHhhHHHHhhHh GoOOoooooOOOOOoooNNnnn GooOOOOooooNnnNNNnnnN… I can´t wait… to destroy you….

  2. josukebestjojo says

    I watch hxh with my dad (keep in mind I’m a very dirty minded kid) during dinner, and if I hadn’t found out this was a scene anime would be banned from my life lol. I’m lucky I have the internet but at the same time…. I’m scarred

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