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School’s In for Summer – Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime Reveals First Trailer


It’s a whole new world we learn in

Throughout the wonderful world of Pokemon, there exists an institution thats influence spreads far and wide…within a single town in any given region. I speak of course of school. Placed within the main series games as a source of knowledge, which is admittedly only useful if you have never played Pokemon before, these buildings are rarely story relevant and can often be skipped past entirely. However, this is no longer the case in the anime we all know, love and have watched at some point. Casting off his successes in the Kalos region, Ash has set his sights on the brand spanking new Alola region and all that lies within (or at least he will once the anime reaches that point). However, rather than continuing his journey as per the norm, our rambunctious, perpetually ten year old protagonist is picking up the books and entering the hallowed halls of education…or something. Look, it’s Pokemon, classes will most definitely revolve around battle theory, battle practicality and battle experience, considering how little else there is to do in the world, unless Ash is breaking all expectations and training to be a cop…but since his name isn’t Jenny and he is a young boy, that seems unlikely. Kind of makes you ponder the hiring processes in these various regions, but I digress…

To get to the meat of this revelation, fan opinions are leaning noticeably towards the side of disbelief and that special kind of anger that comes from loving a series a whole heck of a lot. With the alteration in premise existing under a fresh new visual style that seems to have a penchant for the comedic, this hot button trailer will provide you with all you need to make a semi-informed opinion all your own. Do you dig the pivot? Are you disheartened by the fact that Ash is going to school, subverting the childhood dream of ditching education to fly around on the back of a fire dragon-lizard? Do you still watch Pokemon? Will you now? There’s so many questions to answer, if only there was a place you could go to learn the answers…


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