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Save The Date – Yo-Kai Watch Hits North America This November


The West has been waiting for Yo-Kai Watch to hit local shelves ever since it first became popular over in Japan, so you’ll excuse me for skipping the formalities of an informational article, going straight to the news at hand which is…Level-5 announced an official North American released date for the very first Yo-Kai Watch Nintendo 3DS title, and it’s the 6th of November.

Nintendo and Level-5 have only just revealed that the game will be getting a full release short of the Christmas holidays this year, which works for me seeing as I’d actually sell my soul to the devil to get my hands on this game even sooner than that.

Originally Yo-Kai Watch was set to be released “Holiday” of this year but thankfully the powers at be have decided that the general public are in need of some specificity right about now. Thank the S-Rank Yo-Kai that they did because I don’t think I could have handled another month of mystery.

The game’s release comes at a perfect time too: Not only will the animated television show be premiering on Disney X D this Fall, but we will see the release of the Yo-Kai Watch Manga come the 3rd of November. It’s the dream month for those of us out there who’ve been longing for Yo-Kai Watch but my only gripe with Nintendo and Level-5 is…when are you going to announce an Australian release date? We want the game too!


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