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RUMOUR: Marvel Vs Capcom 4 Planned For a 2017 Release?


Rumours are brilliant because even though you know for a certain that there’s a high chance they mean nothing, it still excited and delights you in ways that most other things simply cannot. I love a good rumour, but that may only be because I’m quite the gossip, regardless it’s this particular one that has me in pure elation! If you’ve ever played a video game, like, ever than you’d know about a little series called Marvel VS Capcom; it’s a set of fighting titles that literally pit characters from the Marvel Universe against video games legends like Ryu, Megaman, and Dante.

So far, the count is at three Marvel VS Capcom games, but an interesting rumour circulating the web is telling us that there will soon be a fourth! Perhaps…remember, this is just a rumour. Pop culture website Polygon recently released an article stating that Marvel VS Capcom 4 will indeed be released in 2017, with their sources being many and mysterious. This, my friends, is why I must state that this news is nothing more than a rumour.

This week Sony are holding the PlayStation Experience; the event of which Polygon have stated that this news will be officially announced. Now until that does come about we will be left in a state of limbo. I, for one, hope that these rumours are true!


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