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Rumour Has It THIS Is The Controller For The Nintendo NX


Supposedly, the next Nintendo console to be released has been titled the NX, well…not officially, but that’s what many people in the industry are currently running with. We’re all excited for it. Not just us here at SnapThirty, I’m saying that the world is excited for what Nintendo has to offer with their next console, not just because it is a brand-new home console release but because of the rumoured possibilities of it’s ground-breaking potential. Most of the information revealed regarding the Nintendo NX, at this point in time, is simple speculation. Word is that, sometime this year, Nintendo will be officially revealing the system and either confirming or denying most of what has been said about it.

It appears as though, depending on your level of belief, that a certain Reddit user has posted a small set of images that shows what looks to be an early development model of the console’s controller which, to me, looks more like the rearview mirror of your standard sedan rather than that of a console controller. The user, perkele37, has not revealed just how it is that he or she managed to get their hands on this piece of unreleased technology, but considering that this is referred to as a dev-kit model, the assumption is that they’re part of the development team, but this is something nobody knows for sure.

Attached to the images were these comments, somewhat detailing the features of the controller:

  • Only the upper ‘nubs’ of the sticks move. The bottom part is static (kind of like the circle pad, but it moves along the bottom ‘sphere’.
  • The rollers on the top feel and look pretty much identical to a mouse scroll-wheel. Though I do don’t believe this will be the final design.
  • Haptic feedback is feels like Apples ‘taptic’ engine. Not like regular rumble.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom.

Based on the information at hand, it is somewhat safe to assume that, if this model is indeed the one we will be getting upon official release, it will rely heavily on a touch screen for button input. Apart from the protruding dual sticks, it looks as though this controller will work in a similar fashion to that of most mobile games; featuring digital buttons that will force the control to slightly rumble when touched to give off the reminiscent feeling of actually pressing a button. In lieu of shoulder triggers, it seems as though this controller will feature two scroll wheels that I’m sure will become a staple for most games to be released on the NX, though at this point in time I couldn’t really say much in regards to what I’d assume they’d do. If anything, I believe such a feature would be good for video games that feature large weapon lists, the scroll would help to instantly equip new items whilst remaining the fast pace of a game.

About a week or so ago, Destructoid released a set of illustrated images of a supposed NX console controller that looks eerily similar to that of the images released today. Could this mean that this is more than just a well put-together hoax to try and trick gamers into a false state of hype, only to come crashing down when it is revealed that this is all fake? Who knows. I, for one, would like to remain as hopeful as ever because, well…this stuff is pretty damn exciting. Half the fun of a new console release is the crazy path towards it’s reveal, having to track through all the rumours, speculation, fake designs, early “leaks“, and everything that comes along with it. It’s now up to Nintendo to blow us all out of the water with the truth behind the Nintendo NX, and we absolutely cannot wait for that!




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