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Romance Ladies, Beat On Dudes, And Fight For Glory – Uppers Debut Trailer Released


I’ve personally written many news pieces regarding the upcoming Marvelous brawler title Uppers because, well…seriously, if I have to explain it to you than it simply isn’t worth it anyway.  It’s a fighting video game developed by a bunch of developers who once worked on alternative beat em’ up titles like the Kenka Bancho series, overseen by the man behind Senran Kagura; Kenichiro Takaki.

Uppers is a game about a man, you, and many other men brought to a mysterious island for the sake of entertainment, but what will you be doing to amuse crowds of blood-thirsty wealthy-types? Well…you’ll be beating each other to death, baby! That doesn’t mean you wont have time for romance though! There are plenty of eligible young ladies who’ve made their way to the island, and if years of martial arts discipline wont help you overcome your opponent, maybe getting close and comfortable with one of your lady-friends will give you the drive you need to survive.

This upcoming PlayStation Vita title, because of its development team, is slowly but surely building hype, and it’s only now that Marvelous have decided to finally release the debut trailer for the game os many video game lovers have been waiting for. The trailer, more or less, goes over exactly what has been discussed in the past regarding how the game will be played alongside it’s setting. The only difference is that you’ll be seeing it all in motion which, if you ask me, is simply the only way to experience Uppers in any capacity. Screenshots will only get you so far.

Set for a release across Japan on the 21st of April, chances are this game will never reach Western shores simply because of how strange it is. Fact is; Senran Kagura is quite popular outside of Japan, so I’m hoping that it has enough influence on Western publishers and distributors so that we will, one day, be able to purchase Uppers…without having to import it. Now enough out of me; click the video below, you wont regret it! Oh, also, that song you’re hearing throughout the trailer, well that’s the game’s theme song; Knock Out Monkey by Oh No. Can’t believe I almost forgot that one!


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