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Rock Out To The First Preview Trailer For The Upcoming Anime Adaptation Of “One-Punch Man”


While the Anime adaptation of ONE and Yuusuke Murata’s “One-Punch Man” is still a little while away, the official website was updated today to now include that of the very first preview video for what is looking to be a standout series for whatever season it eventually becomes a part of. Backing up some incredible but quick action sequences is one hell of a rock track sure to get you fired up for the lunacy to come but, let’s be honest; if you’re not already into the “One-Punch Man” Manga chances are you aren’t going to be into this Anime. It’s a good place to start though!

The preview trailer also announces a whole bunch of the staff member who’re set to work on this new project and the list is full of that sweet star power: You’ve got MADHOUSE animating the whole thing, you’ve got Shingo Natsume of “Space Dandy” fame directing it, on character design is Chikashi Kubota who you may know worked on series like “From The New World” and “Robotics;Notes”. This is an incredible lineup!

You’ve got until October to catch up on all the “One-Punch Man” Manga volumes that you can before tackling the Anime with everything you’ve got. “One-Punch Man” isn’t your stereotypical Shonen series and if you’re not prepared, well…you don’t want to know what will happen.

Check out the trailer just below and prepare for one hell of a good-looking Anime series:


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