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Robonyan And Schwarzenegger Come Face-To-Face At Terminator: Genisys Japanese Premiere


Though you probably wouldn’t know it at first glance, the Terminator T-800 and Yo-Kai Watch’s Robonyan have quite a lot in common: Not only are they both mechanised warriors from the future, they’re both incredibly powerful, they’re both practically indestructible, and they share a catchphrase…”I’ll be back“.

Legendary action star Arnold Schwarzenegger has hit Japan for the premiere of his latest explosion-heavy masterpiece Terminator: Genisys and to celebrate not only his arrival in the country but the arrival of the robot-on-robot shoot-fest it has been organised for the original time-traveling automaton to meet a robot soldier of the new age: Robonyan.

Akihiro Hino, president and CEO of Level-5, had this to say about the meeting of these two pop culture icons both new and old:  “The Terminator T-800, who comes to protect those in need no matter what trouble they’re in, is still my hero. I never would’ve thought that Robonyan would be able to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think Robonyan is also quite happy.”


The cat-mech himself, Robonyan also made a statement regarding his soon-to-be introduction to Mr. Schwarzenegger, and although he is in good spirits it appears as though he’s also very much ready for what COULD transpire: “It’s an honour to be invited to the sunny stage. If it turns into a fight, I won’t lose, but instead I think I’ll try to negotiate a part in a Hollywood movie or something. See you at the red carpet! I’LL BE BACK!”

The only one yet to say anything about this meet-up is the T-800 himself who remains strangely quite in regards to this topic. Is it that Mr. Schwarzenegger actually fears Robonyan? Could it be that he’s intimidated by this “new bot on the block“? Who knows! We’ll have to wait until the premiere, which will take place on the 6th of July to then be followed up by a nationwide release on the 10th.


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