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Rise Again – Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Hits ANZ in August


Revenge is a dish best served gold

So Dragon Ball Z is about as anime as you can get. For a whole generation, myself included, it was the series that introduced Japanese animation before anyone knew cartoons all didn’t come from some mysterious realm, that seeped into our world through a portal dubbed Cheez TV (props to exclusively Australian references am I right?). So I was an imaginative kid, sue me. But before my insecurities drive you away from the point at hand, which I promise you exists, let me digress and bring the news.

If you have even an ancillary insight into the world of anime, then you’ve most certainly heard of Dragon Ball Z. You’ve most certainly heard of the Battle of Gods film that brought the Z fighters back to the big screen. Following this pattern of logic, I’m sure you’ve heard of Resurrection ‘F’, the latest instalment in the much beloved franchise that brings with it the return of on of anime’s most iconic faces. Hint: It’s the one with the giant purple scalp that’s made of, like, organic glass or something.

So, for those DBZealots who live in Australia and/or New Zealand, mark August 6th down on your calendars and prepare to take one of 69 cinemas by storm as Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ busts blocks cross country. Most excitingly, for me at least, the film will premiere in its English dub, far improving on the lag from Battle of Gods translation. But, for those of you who prefer the original Japanese audio with English subtitles, select cinemas will screen this version as well. For a complete list of what will be screening where, check out the official site.

Sure the new Frieza looks like Cooler busting out a new 24 Kakarot party suit. Sure Goku’s run through more hair colours than Yamcha has revivals. Sure it’s hard to believe that Frieza’s followers took so long to figure out that a simple wish could bring their master back. But, I can say for certain, that I don’t really care at this point. All I know is that I want to see Frieza get his shiny new posterior handed to him all over again by the hero who just won’t stay down. Goku: The Saiyan without a Surname. Come to think of it, barely anyone in DBZ has a surname…

Alternatively, check out this trailer that substitutes dialogue for kick ass guitar riffs.


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