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Rhythm Goes Poolside – Persona 4: Dancing All Night Swimsuit DLC Announced


The Midnight Channel strikes again

Ah, Persona 4. The instalment in the franchise that the world loves and that Atlus loves making content for. As such, the announcement that the Inaba Investigation Team would be hitting the dance floor was met with equal parts scepticism and acceptance…ok, maybe a touch more of the former than the latter.

But whatever your thoughts, it’s happening, I’m not here to debate that. What I am here to do is tell you that a DLC set has been announced as a free bonus for all those Japanese gamers who purchase first-print copies of the game. Now, whilst this may sound a touch too international for your liking, these bonus features tend to make their way across the sea, as does the game proper. Anyway, this particular DLC set features an additional costume for Chie, Rise, Naoto and Yukiko; swimsuits.

That’s pretty much it. Though it’s not that surprising given that Dancing All Night will have you watching the P4 cast break it down in the disco (that’s what the kids call it right?). Fashion is crucial in amplifying coolness. Well, before I dig myself into any deeper into a pit of uncoolness, I’ll just stop talking and show you the swimsuits.


Though the distinct lack of Kanji is certainly a disappointment…


Images via Gematsu


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