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Retro Central Park, Weird and Retro’s Gaming Wonderland – EB Expo 2014


While EB Expo 2014 was an event largely fueled by the notion of giving gamers a look at the future of gaming, the Weird and Retro team decided to buck trends by bringing back their Retro Garden from last year’s event, only bigger and better, say “Hello!” to Retro Central Park.

The Retro Central Park booth at EB Expo 2014 was put simply a gaming wonderland. With consoles dating back to the 70s like the Atari 2600 and even the ever popular Commodore 64 present. All of this came together to make a magnificent trip down memory lane with the entire history of gaming on show in this wonderful booth.

During my time at the Retro Central Park I got my hands on all kinds of consoles. I was particularly drawn to the Dreamcast (a real blast from the past for me) where I played Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes. On the other Dreamcast was the deadset classic that is Crazy Taxi. I was hugely impressed by the fact that the Dreamcasts were seated in what looked like the actual game stations that would have been placed in stores back in the day. It looked very official and I was impressed that they had the stands on hand.


I also got my hands on the NES and Super Nintendo for some Mario and Donkey Kong action. Not only was Nintendo well represented with all of their past generation consoles switched on and booming, but SEGA’s unforgettable consoles were also hooked up and getting a lot of play time with games like Sonic ripping it up.

What really stood out to me about Retro Central Park was the sense of unity among all of the gamers. Gamers young and old were all brought together by these games that were for some way before their time. I couldn’t help but be moved by the sight of a father and son sharing a quiet moment together as he taught his son the ropes on Super Mario 3. It was a touching moment of a passion being passed down from one gamer generation to the next.

All in all I had a fantastic time at the Retro Central Park and have a reinvigorated desire to explore games of the past all the while witnessing the future of gaming unfold before me. It was a truly amazing experience, so thank you to Weird and Retro for putting this whole thing together.

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