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Rattata Embraces The Dark Side in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Munchlax Rocks Up


The allure of the dark side was too great for Rattata in Alola to overcome after the introduction of the Rattata killing Yungoos, sending Rattata fleeing into the dark of the night seeking salvation in the shadows.

During Nintendo’s 3DS Direct conference they revealed that Rattata would be receiving an Alolan form much like other Kanto Pokemon that spread to the region. The Rattata will be dark type and will indeed feature a radical moustache.

On top of that reveal, Nintendo also confirmed that earlier adopters of the Sun and Moon games will be able to receive a free event Munchlax with Snorlax Z stone held item. The Munchlax event will run through until January.

No details were revealed on a dark Raticate but one would presume a dark Rattata wouldn’t evolve into any old normal Raticate. That said we may as well consider the supposed ‘chinese leaks’ to be gospel at this point. Bring on the rugby monkey!


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