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Quick Thoughts on Nintendo Anime Channel


So the other day Frank drugged and dragged me into the game store just to buy Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in what was a re-enactment of Weekend at Bernie’s. I woke up with a copy of Monster Hunter in my hand and the 3DS already turned on, so I decided to just go ahead and play, and not question why Frank’s purple fedora was resting on my bed. But before I could get into Monster Hunter, my 3DS surprised me with a download it had done without my permission, it was none other than the Nintendo Anime Channel that I learned about at Nintendo Direct not long ago. This app is completely free, and in fact your 3DS will simply insist you own it. The 3DS YouTube app may have been useless, but the Nintendo Anime Channel proves to be otherwise.

The Nintendo Anime Channel is a simplified streaming service that allows you to enjoy anime on the go, and the content here is Nintendo’s own home-grown anime product. At this point there are eight episodes of Nintendo’s most successful anime output: Pokemon. The eight episodes on offer here are from the Advanced Generation series. The other series on offer is Kirby, with five episodes taken from the surprisingly fun (and at times cheekily dark) anime adaptation starring everyone’s favourite air sucking pink glob.

It’s only getting started, more content will be added soon and it’s quite honestly a pretty neat piece of software. For one thing the picture quality is pretty crisp and nicely optimize for your 3DS screen. The streaming itself is generally smooth given your connection quality. One thing to note that unlike Nintendo’s previous streaming channel, there is understandably no stereoscopic 3D here. Another cool feature is that each episode allows to choose between the European dubs, although there is no Japanese dub with subtitles.

So take this free app for a spin, well not that you have a choice, because your 3DS will probably make you try it.


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