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Psycho-Pass 2 simulcasting now on AnimeLab


Finally! Psycho-Pass 2 has now officially begun simulcasting through Madman’s AnimeLab streaming service. The show has been airing for the past 5 weeks in Japan and many fans had lost hope of a simulcast for the series down under. Thankfully Madman have made it a reality with the first 5 episodes of Psycho-Pass 2 available on AnimeLab in original Japanese with English subtitles.

The original Psycho-Pass series is currently available in its entirety on AnimeLab which makes it easier to catch up if you are new to the series. You can check out Psycho-Pass 2 on AnimeLab here.

Madman haven’t confirmed whether they have acquired the second series for home video release but given their history of releasing streamed series physically it can be assumed that a DVD and Blu-Ray release are somewhere own the pipeline.


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